Welcome to the Farm.

Modern homestead creating balance by living more simply & creating more of our own.

The Sheep Shed.


We began our farm in 2010, but did not jump-start our project until we began our family a few years later. Our goal is to be a little more self-sufficient, a little more healthy, and to build a little more balance in this technology-crazed world. We hope to share our inspiration with others.

For a a glimpse into our chaos and experiences, follow our blog!


We began our livestock journey with chickens and ducks, but ventured into sheep. Our animals bring us so much joy. Watching the interactions between the animals can be quite entertaining. They truly are a part of the family.

We will be selling lambs Spring 2020, please contact us to get on the waiting list!


Shop our livestock, garden, and creativity. Our products flow with the seasons, always check back for what is new!

- Stay Tuned -

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