Our Sheep.

Our Sheep.

We keep our sheep registered with NABSSAR registration. Our sheep are extremely friendly and well-tempered. All four of our sheep are trusted with our toddlers, they are extremely docile—the sheep, not the toddlers!

Our first set of lambs are expected Spring 2020.


Our ewes are Annette (black) and Leisl (white). Both were born as twins in 2018. They will be bred Fall 2019 and expected to lamb Spring 2020.

Annette is still a little shy, but we are patiently gaining trust. Treats help.

Leisl loves scratches and treats. She is also learning to trust us, but she is still a bit skiddish.


Our ram, Friedrich (black), was also born as a twin. He is accompanied by his whether friend, Shaun.

Friedrich is bashful, he loves his scratches and even hugs. Lately he has been pretty playful with me.

Shaun is a big teddy bear. He is quite the brute, and LOVES his treats…sometimes he even dances when it’s treat time. There are times when he will pass up treats for a scratch, or even a bear hug.