Products for the Flock.

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This product is auto-shipped to us every other month. The most mealworms I could find at a decent price. The product is always quality and our birds LOVE it. We are working on teaching the hens tricks with these.

15lb Feeder.

Feed your flock efficiently by allowing for 15lbs of food at a time with a hanging feature to deter birds from wasting.

Poultry Dust.

If the flock is struck with mites or lice, this dust will rid them ASAP. We have used this when mites struck our flock and still treat our coop for prevention.

Egg Skelter.

Unwashed farm eggs can be kept on the counter – so we take advantage by freeing up fridge space with this egg skelter. It fits right under the cabinets and displays our colorful eggs.

Chick Feeder.

This metal feeder for brooders with chicks easily fits a regular-mouth mason jar allowing the size to accommodate for the jars you use.

3gal Waterer.

The large waterer allows for less trips to fill the water, whether it be for a hot day or cold winter.

Chicken Roosts & Nesting Box.

We LOVE our metal roosting boxes. The roosting bars are built in – so it saves space. The nesting boxes are easy to clean and the entire system is quality.

Egg Apron.

Too many times I have shoved eggs in my pockets and then before I go inside I enter a task that in some way cracks the eggs in my pocket. WHAT A MESS. Don’t be like me, be smart.

Chick Waterer.

Sturdy waterer for the brooder that fits regular-mouth mason jars allowing the amount of water to grow with the chick size.

Poultry Protector.

Poultry Protector keeps the coop and flock free of mites and lice. We spray in our coop weekly to keep the pests at bay – if you haven’t had mites, you don’t want to chance it!

Heated Waterer.

This works with the metal heated waterer we use to keep water thawed for the birds all winter.