Products for all the Things.

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Croc Chelsea Booties.

LOVE. I have these in Dark Camo Green. They are easy to slip on, easy to clean, and let’s be honest… they are stinkin’ cute! I might be a farmer, but I can still have a liiiiiitle fashion, ya?

Carhartt Waterproof Mittens.

When you drag water and sap across the yard and have to gather piles of hay (stored outside) you need warm and dry extremities – these do the trick!

Carhartt Beanie.

This is fashionable too, right? To be honest… the hubs wears these and I have adopted them. When you go outdoors everyday in the winter, you need to be warm, so I turned it into a fashion trend… or that’s what I tell myself.

Bella + Canvas T.

Great T for crafts, or just to wear. Soft, durable and cheap.


Whether you rock them in your hair, or like a cowboy… they are also what I have adopted into my ‘style’. They keep the hair and the sweat away. I have seen people use them as napkins, as snot rags, I mean… whatever floats your boat. Can’t have enough.

Fermentation Weights.