Products for the Kitchen.

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Rennet is used to coagulate milk. We most often use it to make cream cheese, but it can be used to make many other cheeses.

Jelly Mason Jar (pk 12).

The smaller mason jars are used not only for jams & jellies, but also for lotions/creams, dried herbs, syrup, drinking glass, and as far as your imagination wanders.

Plastic Jar Lids.

Plastic lids are used when we store food in the fridge for a week or less – think lunches, leftovers, drinks, etc…

Used for brewing beer, reducing sap to syrup, and making large soups or chili. Another great use is water bath canning.

Wood Utensils.

Can you ever have enough wooden utensils? I love having a variety of different utensils for cooking and baking.

Swing Top Bottles.

GREAT for kombucha, syrup, fermented lemonade, or anything else. We keep these like mason jars – always collecting.


For making kombucha, beer, wine or other fermented liquid. This hydrometer helps to determine the alcohol content, and can be useful to guide the fermentation process.

Fermentation Airlock.

Airlocks for fermentation keep the jars from bubbling over without allowing air into the jar – helping to keep the fermentation process as sanitary as possible.

Plastic Jar Rings.

Sometimes rings get rusted, warped, or just plain worn. Replace your used rings!

Flour Towels.

The most versatile towel EVERRRR. We use these for straining yogurt, cheese, syrup, jelly, kombucha, etc… Plus when they are embroidered they are cute to hang on appliances or as gifts!

Metal Mixing Bowls.

Metal mixing bowls last longer than plastic – and they can be used as a makeshift double-boiler.

2qt Glass Pitcher.

Used for large batches of kombucha or fermented lemonade, or just making a giant pitcher of infused water or tea.

Pint Mason Jar (pk 12).

Mason Jars are used for EVERYTHING. We do not always seal them, sometimes they are just used as short-term food storage or as drinking glasses.

Fun Fact: regular-mouth mason jars fit in most chick feeders/waterers.

Fermentation Weights.

Keeping fermented food away from air is key. Glass weights help to keep the food under the surface and away from air.

Canning Lids.

You should not re-use lids once they have been sealed, they may ‘reseal’ but they will not keep. Always begin with a new lid.

Metal Strainer.

Straining products such as tea, rice, noodles, quinoa, or dusting baked goods with sugar.

Silicone Baking Molds.

Mini Muffins, Bath Bombs, cleaning tabs, etc… They have many uses. Easy to clean and easy to use.