Products for the Herd.

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5gal Rubber Bucket.

We have these buckets all over the farm – they stand up to the bitter cold and the humid heat. They are a decent size for the animals, but short enough that they can all easily access.

Rubber Feed Pan.

The rubber does not crack in the winter and stays strong in the summer. Our sheep are given treats in the pans daily.

Mineral Feeder.

Sheep need access to minerals – a general sheep mineral and baking soda. These dual feeders make fore easy access to both.

Solar Electric Fence.

Babydoll Southdown Sheep do not need strong electric fencing to keep them contained – they need to be protected from predators. This charger provides enough for a small flock.

3qt Enclosed Scoop.

Easily measure sheep feed or treats with this scoop. The handle makes it easy to hang on fences.


The curved shears allow for cleaning and snipping of sheep hooves. The black portion of the shears is dull to dig out dirt without hurting the animal.