Hi! My name is Alyssa, I am just a suburban mom/wife trying to find balance for my family in this technological world. I am getting some extra time to document some of the farm endeavors I am venturing into. They probably will not always be pretty, nor will they always be a success, but they will always be a learning experience. I will do my best to document the good, the bad, and the ugly. Follow us on this journey, you might learn a thing or two. I know I sure am!

Some things I have done in the past (no documentation because, well, I was scared) include:

I’m sure there is more… but this is a solid list.

Some new things I WILL try this year:

I am sure there will be more, and I am sure I will not master these things, but I can only try! Join my shenanigans as I learn how to live like the greats before me. I outline my idea of a modern homestead, and you will see how I incorporate these values into our daily living.

If you ever have any questions, or ideas for future blogs, comment below or shoot me an email!

From the farm,


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  1. I heard your podcast on Harold Thornbro’s Small Town Homestead Podcast. It is always good to connect with another Minnesotan! My wife Julie and I are in Minneapolis, and we are creating a small urban homestead here in the Twin Cities (we would love to get out to the country).

    BTW, I make kombucha, garden and can vegetables, jams, corn relish and salsa. Nice to connect!

    • I listen to your podcast too! 🙂
      It is nice to connect with locals. Learning what can be done properly in this frozen and moody tundra.

    • Thank you! And thank you for reading!

      Are there any posts you’re looking for more information on specifically?

      I would be happy to look into adding information you believe is lacking.

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